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Our Artists

Within our member base we have some talented Artists such as Sally Campbell Paints, Lorelei Kiernan – Glass from the Heart, Lisa Alexander Photography and Kerry Lloyd – Playing with Glass, who participate in artist retreats, artist workshops, outdoor photography, painting art and so much more.

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I live on a beef cattle station near Blackall in Central Western Qld. I have lived on the land all my life and have always loved and appreciated my lifestyle and the vast countryside despite the extremes of devastating drought and then floods that follow regenerating the land and people who live here.

Apart from doing Art courses at school, I really only first discovered my interest in painting art by accident in 2007 and look at things  through different eyes now. Everything has the potential to be the subject for a painting.

Inspiration comes from my childhood memories growing up in the bush, the colours, light and unique beauty of the landscape out here and my garden, my oasis in a harsh environment. I also reminisce about 2 weeks spent in the hills of Chianti in Tuscany, Italy for a watercolour workshop.

I enjoy painting art with acrylics and watercolour and playing with mixed media to add interest, texture and depth to my works. I have had some fun experimenting with mono printing and lino-printing as well. Flowers and still life tend to be my favourite subjects but landscapes and the occasional figurative are also features of my art.

Painting has allowed me to do something both relaxing and creative away from the activities of living on a cattle station. I have also very much enjoyed the social side of my arts practice by meeting so many interesting like-minded people at workshops and exhibitions. It is during these times that learning and inspiration is often gained.

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GLASS FROM THE HEART – Lorelei Kiernan

‘Lorelei Kiernan nee Parminter’ – I grew up in Blackall but left in 1976 and moved around the state before spending 20 years in Brisbane. After trying my hand at many different jobs I bought a ceramic shop in Brendale. Lorelei’s Ceramics was run by husband and wife team for 8 years before we closed it due to the downturn in interest in ceramics. “This venture was the beginning of my artistic career”. To extend my knowledge with ceramics I learnt ‘Decorative Art’ or Folk Art. After buying the ceramic business I then had the job of teaching Folk Art as well. This gave me the confidence to believe in myself.

We then decided to return to Blackall 30 years after leaving. I have taken an active role within the Blackall Cultural Association and tried my hand at a few different mediums. My favourite tutor is Jenni Kelly who taught me to be free with my art. I love painting birds and have always been drawn to colour.

My next venture has been Glass Slumping. After attending a weekend workshop in Tambo I caught the bug and bought a kiln; set myself up on the verandah and now Glass has taken over my spare time. I like every item to be a ‘one off’ os that everyone who buys for me has something special. I have branded my products ‘Glass from the Heart’ and sell through market stalls and my Facebook page.

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Local photographer Lisa Alexander was born in Blackall and had a country upbringing at ‘Coolagh’ Blackall. She has always loved the land and all it entails and one of her passions is to document the way of life, through Australian Photography, of people in the bush and the small towns that service our country areas.

Photography has always been a hobby. However three years ago Lisa decided that she wanted to take her passion for outdoor photography to the next level and gain a greater understanding of the craft.

Being asked to photograph a wedding really made Lisa step out of her comfort zone and teach herself as much as she could. Since then she has attended numerous workshops and continues to learn from wonderful tutors, experts and books on the subject.

Lisa believes that there is an art to capturing an unforgettable image.

“There is beauty all around us but it is how you see it, and consequently how you capture it on camera, that determines the originality and quality of the image,” she said.

With this in mind she is dedicated to developing her skills to the highest level with the aim of telling a story through her images. Getting to know her subjects is a priority, whether it is of people or landscape photography, as this helps to create dynamic photographs.

In 2015 she sent a remarkable photo to a competition for professional and amateur photographers in the Sydney Morning Herald and was over the moon when she was announced the winner. This boosted her confidence and set her on the path to furthering her skills.

Over the last couple of months she has extended her equipment to the purchase of a drone. This gives fantastic aerial shots of events as well as being very effective in documenting the drought in our area. However, there have been a few anxious moments when it disappears from sight.

Lisa leads a very busy life outside of her work as a professional photographer. She helps her husband Bruce and their two children with the everyday management of ‘Warringah’ and she is the Project Officer for the Blackall Cultural Association where she markets and organizes cultural tourism retreats.

These retreats bring tourists to our town, enhancing the local economy. It also gives people from metropolitan areas an insight into how we live in outback Queensland. Lisa also does photo shoots for local families and covers events like school formals and has photographed the local Blackall Heartland Festival.

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In 2013, Kerry Lloyd did a glass slumping course and having enjoyed it so much, she has continued with it. “Playing with glass is very relaxing and I’m inspired by the beautiful colours,” she says. “I’m only limited by my imagination.” She created beautiful glassware, ranging from platters, dishes and bowls, through to jewellery, Christmas decorations, vases and nameplates. All designs are one-off, and bright colours are beautiful to work with. She’s always keen to learn new techniques.

Kerry works form home and fires her creations in a small kiln, with three dogs milling around, trying to ‘help’ as she puts the designs together over the kiln.

She finds playing glass very relaxing as well as the opportunity to be creative. It’s always exciting to open the kiln and see the end result or, in the case of dichroic glass, how much the colour has changed after being fired.

Kerry arrived in the Blackall district as a teenager in 1975. While her family moved away for the district, she married and lives on ‘Lorne’, a 40000 acre cattle property south of Blackall with her husband and youngest of 4 sons. For 19 years, she educated their boys through Longreach School of Distance Education. She often helps her husband on the property when he needs an extra pair of hands. Kerry is involved in the local community including the Barcoo Pastoral Society and the Barcoo Retirement Village. She’s also the VISE co-ordinator for the Longreach SDE area and organises retired teachers to go to properties and teach the children, giving mum a break from the schoolroom.

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