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In April 2016 we were thrilled to have photographer Nick Rains host a 3 day Retreat for us at Blackall. We had 9 participants from various parts of Queensland converge on the Living Arts Centre. One of our participants arrived 2 days prior to the commencement of the retreat to take advantage of local photographic opportunities that couldn’t be included in the time frame.

Blackall-1  Blackall-1-2  Blackall-1-27

Day 1

After enjoying an amazing Welcome Dinner cooked by the Marmaladies on Tuesday night, we were all ready and eager to start Wednesday morning. After setting up computers and an introduction by Nick we were off down the street to see what we could find to photograph. First stop was the Jackie Howe statue. Nick assisted with settings, lighting and composition.

Nick Rains Apr16-19

Some images taken by participants during our first outing.

Barbara_0178-1  Blackall-1-20    Roz

Duncan at Scobie Saddlery was an obliging model for the 9 cameras that were clicking away.

Thanks Duncan – we will be back!

Nick Rains Apr16-60

A wonderful collection of history at Ram Park just ready to be photographed – especially for those who love images with close up details.

Nick Rains Apr16-82

Participants Images:

Roz-2  Roz-10

We then headed back to the Living Arts Centre for an amazing lunch prepared by the local catering queens, the Marmaladies, after which we spent some of the time in the workroom learning the ins and outs of Lightroom.

Nick Rains Apr16-93

The cattle at the Blackall Saleyards were the next willing subjects.

Nick Rains Apr16-96

Participants Images:

Robert-1-8  Robert-1-4  Barbara_0245

Photographing the sunset at the Roly Poly.

Participant images:

Avi Nick Rains  Robert-1-9  Roz-4

Day 2

Yaraka – here we come!

We commenced our day trip to Yaraka with our driver, Birdie, arriving at our door with our transport for the day – the Council bus. How nice it was to just to sit back, enjoy the view and focus on what we were there for. First stop before Yaraka was to make the journey up Mt Slocombe and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Yaraka Apr16-10

Participants Images:

Avi View from Mt Slocombe  Blackall-1-11

Next we headed into the township of Yaraka to enjoy the company of Chris and Gerry of the Yaraka Hotel, where we also had lunch.

Participants Images:

Jen 0446-3  Out There 20160416 0449-1 Blackall-1-10

cheryl eagers (4)  Out There 20160416 0567-1

Some shots taken around Yaraka by participants.

Goodbye Yaraka!

Yaraka Apr16-43

On our way home we had a stop at the former railway siding of Emmet. The sky was putting on an amazing display with a storm brewing on the horizon, even giving us a rainbow.

Participants Images:

cheryl eagers (5)  Blackall-1-13  Roz-7

                            Barbara_0454-1  Barbara_0462-1

Day 3

Some more time was spent in the workroom expanding our knowledge in editing and general tips regarding Lightroom. To have a break from this we headed out to the Blackall Woolscour where the light and lines in the old building are truly a photographers delight.

Woolscour Apr16-12

Participants Images:

Blackall Cultural Association  Jane IMG_5462

Avi Basket Handle

Jane IMG_6145 copy  Jane IMG_5505  Blackall-1-15

Last but not least was the Farewell Dinner at the Living Arts Centre provided yet again by the fabulous Marmaladies.

Day 3 Nick Rains Retreat-11

I always love looking at images that participants take, everyone has a different style and how one thing can be captured in so many different ways when seen through different eyes. The subtle joys of photography!